Well, you’ve got to start somewhere …

PictureA crisp, clear January afternoon on the farm near Oak Lake.

I am no writer.  I always thought I would become a novelist, but thinking about it doesn’t make it happen.  I once read (or took the subject matter in an English class once upon a time) that a good writer is also an avid reader.  The latter, I have been throughout my life.  Though not the past few years.  At first I thought is was because I had over done it.  I had read too much when I belonged to a book club.  At the time, I could walk into Chapters or Indigo Books and look around and say, “Read it, read it, read it, etc.” But in truth, I fell out of love with reading.  Not the idea of it, but the actual sitting down and doing it.  So please bear with me, the presently non-avid reader, while I attempt to tell a story or two about what life is like with the Sellsteds.

3 thoughts on “Well, you’ve got to start somewhere …

  1. All right, recently some of my friends and I went back onto this and we laughed… for so long at that one picture of me with Connor, and to be honest. Not the most ATTRACTIVE faces ever! lol, Glad these can make us laugh when we’re in the middle of art class!


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