Curling and Crocheting, two great past times


I imagine when people think of me, one of their first thoughts is of curling.  The other thought would be of baking, but I digress.  Curling is a sport I love.  Love to play and love to watch!  And now I even have curling license plates on my vehicle – thanks again Dave and Renae!

The early months of a new year are the best times to watch curling because the provincial play-downs are televised and then its the Scotties.  One glorious week of 3 games per day of curling!  

2014 is even more glorious for being a Winter Olympic year.  This equals extra televised curling games!  Early March brings with it a hint of spring-like weather if we are lucky, and the Brier.  After that it is the Worlds!

One can only sit for so long, but if you are going to sit, you might as well be making good use of your time.  So I crochet.  I will describe myself as a binge crocheter.  It is not a past time that I carry on with throughout the year.  For me it is a winter hobby.  

Spring turns my mind to the outdoors.  Enjoying the sunshine on your skin after a particularly cold and blustery winter.  I am excited to begin thinking about planting.  Flowers and vegetables.  Thinking about where to put the garden since there isn’t one.  Imagining the vegetables being flanked on either end by flowers.  Knowing that the flowers that will attract bees need to be furthest from the house.  Excited about trying different squash plants.  I’ve never grown squash but have discovered some beautiful types this past Fall that are so delicious.  I must give them a try.

But back to the here and now.  It is curling season.  Curling and crocheting.  For me, its a perfect combination!

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