Old Friends

PictureConnor and Gabrielle, old friends

It was January 31st as I made the drive to Winnipeg.  Since I was staying for 10 days, I had my two trusty companions, Jade and Thistle, with me.  It was a hectic arrival.  Gabrielle was home from school by the time I pulled up to the house.  As I unloaded the car, beginning with releasing the hounds, I wondered at my reasoning for packing so much gear.

Just so I am clear on how much gear I traveled with, lets take inventory. Beginning with the dogs.  Food dishes, self-watering jug, full 40 pound bag of dog food, dog pillow.  Now for my gear, two  winter coats, boots and gloves.  One hat and scarf.  One suitcase, one hockey-bag on wheels and a duffle bag.  Now in my defense, the suitcase had my crocheting yarn, hooks, pattern book and baby blanket in progress. The duffle bag contained all electronics – laptop, IPad, charger cords, two journal books, cookbooks and all medication.  The hockey bag on wheels was full of clothes, toiletries, hair blow dryer and my soft smooshy pillow.  I was set.

The first days were busy enough.  I attended a birthday supper for Dave’s Mom, drove kids to airport, went to the movie “Frozen” with Gabby and then shopped for groceries.  Sunday morning we went to church in Niverville.  It was great to see old friends!  After church the McVicars, Hintons, Gilroyeds, Gabby and I went to Subway for lunch.  It was February 2nd, Groundhog Day, and Connor Gilroyed’s 13th birthday.  

Connor and Gabrielle grew up together.  They attended church, daycare, school and summer bible camp together.  They trick or treated together a few years too.  But, they haven’t seen each other in 4 years, so there was a lot of catching up to do!  Gabby teased that Connor got a great birthday present – Her!  Although the conversation started out a bit awkward, they soon were visiting like old friends do; picking up right where they left off!  On the drive home, Gabby mentioned being unhappy with Connor being taller than her.   She said he looked exactly the same and she would have known him anywhere!  She really enjoyed seeing him and told me that she wanted to go back to church next Sunday to see everyone again.

Speaking of old friends, I had made a dinner date with Jeannie McVicar and Judith Hinton for Tuesday evening.  Gabby and I met the ladies at Swiss Chalet for dinner then came back to the house for tea and more visiting.  It was good to get caught up on kids, spouses, parents, siblings and each other.  We really should do this more often!

Friends are a true Blessing in our lives!

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