A time to celebrate!


Where has the time gone since my last entry?  One thing I am sure of and that is time flies by faster, the older I get!

When I came home from staying with Gabrielle, Jade needed a visit to the vet. As it turned out, she had an impacted anal gland that abscessed and ruptured.  After two weeks of antibiotics and caring for the open wound, she is nearly right as rain – good dog.

Ah February!  What a wonderful month it is.  In our family there is much to celebrate this month.  Let’s begin with February 11th.  A day that is special only to me, but I quietly say a little celebratory prayer to my Dad and Mom.  For that day would have been their 58th wedding anniversary had my Dad still been with us.  I can barely fathom that he has been gone 26 years.  More than half a lifetime ago for me.  But anyway, I remember and celebrate their day.  Quietly or silently, but always prayerfully.

Let’s not forget the day of love, St. Valentine’s Day.  As Don educated us all by sharing his research in church one Sunday morning, there were several Saint Valentines.  But the one that we celebrate the day for was most likely St. Valentine or Valentinia by his given name.  He was a priest back in the day of the Roman Empire.  When soldiers were not allowed to marry until after they had left the army; their duty being complete.  But alas falling in love doesn’t always wait on the completion of someone’s duty.  But it was illegal for a soldier to marry, while they were a soldier.  You know, there is nothing more distracting than a wife!  Anyway, Valentinia would secretly marry the young and in love couples.  He eventually lost his own life for his belief in love.  Not a happy ending, but a love-filled story.  It is a day when Hallmark and Carlton cards, among the others, see marked increases in sales of their cards and other products geared toward those in love.  And the florists!  I don’t know another day that has them so busy selling roses.  And it’s a day that some people choose to marry.  That brings to mention that is it my Mom and John’s wedding anniversary.  A marriage that took place in the Hawaiian Islands – truly romantic!

Then there is our day – February 16, 1991.  Don and I were married in a very meaningful evening service that included all of our combined children in the wedding party.  Mom and Auntie Luvinia Partridge walked me up the aisle of Minto United Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where we were married by our Minister, the Reverend John Carley.  Having my Auntie Luvinia walk with me was a tangible way of including my Dad, passed 2 years earlier.  His sister, my dear Auntie, our friend.  We had a modest wedding and we wouldn’t change a thing!  Our immediate families and a few close friends were our guests.  It was a perfect day!  Don teases that I tell people we got married in the heart of winter because he always said “It would be a cold day in ….”.  Of course he never said it, but it makes for a good laugh, now and then.

Next in line in our busy month of celebrations is Tyler’s birthday.  30 years!  What?!  I remember just a few years ago, looking forward to turning 30 myself – wait, not just a few years ago?!  Oh brother!  Again, proof of the clock speeding up.  Tyler’s day is February 20th.  He hasn’t been home for many birthdays because of work.  Jennifer helped him celebrate for about 3 straight days making wonderful meals and having cousins and other family over to share in his celebration.  What a wonderful gift!

And now there is today – February 25th.  A day of shared birthdays.  Dakota Joan turns 3 and her Great-Uncle Stacy turns 47. Happy Birthday to you both.  Of course, we won’t be talking to Stacy, but birthday wishes went his way via Face Book.  Dakota had her family birthday celebration on Saturday past in the afternoon and her birthday party with her friends on Sunday.  We will Skype with her tonight at supper and I can’t wait!  She is getting so big!

The celebrations don’t end there.  Noteable Women started again on February 17th.  It is great to get back singing with this talented choir! Ted Taylor, Logan and Tanis Podobni and Don curled in the Oak Lake Open Bonspiel last week.  Don’s prize was a really smart corduroy jacket and a hat.  Oh, and a very sore right knee!  And 3 days from now another Bonspiel.  This one being a two-man spiel with Ted Taylor and Don.  Good luck fellas!  Also on the 28th is our nephew Kyle Reed’s 23rd and our great-niece Kaitlyn Chinski’s 17th birthdays.

And knowing me, you will understand why I give honorable mention to Paisli and Thor’s litter of 5 girls and 3 boys being born over the night’s of Feb 22-23.  Paisli is a golden labrador.  Fur-kid of my friend Shirley Erickson-Vandenhurk.  Job well done by all involved!  And she’s a very good first-time Mommy.

February – What a month of celebrations!

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